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Been a while since there's been a post. :) I'm one of the moderators here, and I am owned by a plucky little cockatiel named Nibbles (aka Ms. Bird) who is about 14 years in age. She's usually a pretty chill bird, and is happy as long as she's in the same room as her humans. She earned the nickname of Chicken from when she was much younger, our neighbors had chickens and she would sit in the bottom of the cage and cluck to herself. She would stop if she noticed us, because apparently wishing she was a chicken was too embarrassing. ;)

She does little quirky things from time to time, but she will stop as soon as she notices a camera. Her favorite spot is sitting on top of the medicine cabinet door in the bathroom while I'm showering. Lately her thing has been to put her head under her wing looking like a headless bird waving the other up and down, and shaking her her tail feathers. Then she'll lean against the bathroom mirror hanging upside down with her wings fully open and coo to herself. Its so cute, but she'll stop as soon as I'm done with my shower. I've tried letting her shower with me to see if that's what she wants, but water is Evil. What a weirdo!


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