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The Cockatiel Community

For Humans and the Cockatiels who own them.

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Name:The Cockatiel Community
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For sharing information about and the caring of cockatiels.

Welcome to Cockatiels!

Cockatiels are one of the most popular companion birds in the world, known for their friendliness and comparative ease of taming. They are also capable of mimicry, whistling, and can learn tricks. This community exists so we may share our experiences with our cockatiel companions and to educate one another on proper cockatiel care and handling. [community profile] cockatiels is the place to discuss cockatiel health, behavior, housing, and handling, as well as cockatiel-related stories, photos and art.

Just a Few Rules...

  1. As a courtesy, please put large pictures, posts containing multiple pictures, and super-long entries behind a cut
  2. Active discussion, helpful suggestions and constructive criticism are encouraged. Say whatever you like about someone's opinions, but personal insults are out of line.
  3. Community promotion is OK if the community you are promoting is also about companion birds.
  4. Posts about rehoming a companion bird are OK if:
    • The bird you are rehoming is yours.
    • You can personally verify the credentials of the bird you are rehoming.
  5. We are not a substitute for the advice and care of an avian vet. If you do not currently have a veterinarian, find one!
  6. Due to the large amount of homeless and unwanted pet birds and the amount of unscrupulous animal dealers out there, this community does not endorse or promote amateur bird breeding. If you're breeding your 'tiels just because you think it will be fun or cute, don't expect your actions to be supported by the members of this community.

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