"Totally Destroy North Korea"

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:13 am
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No explanation necessary.

So Mueller, is it time yet?


Sep. 15th, 2017 09:23 pm
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LOL, I have never had a movie going experience so botched as what happened last Sunday. When I told my husband about it, he laughed and it made me feel good because my instincts were so right on. Landmark Cinemas is airing classic science fiction films to prepare for the release of Blade Runner 2049 and this past weekend it was THX1138 (this weekend it's Westworld). I had watched the movie before, but I wanted to see it on the big screen. It was only $5, what a deal! I couldn’t roll hubs out of bed though for it, so I went by myself. Landmark Cinemas is really nice, some of the theatres used to be Cineplexes and were woefully out of date. They got rid of the 90s styling and replaced the regular seatingwith recliner seats, ahhh!

Well, Sunday morning I was in for a total treat because I was the only audience member. I picked the best centre seat and munched away on my popcorn. I guess THX1138 isn’t that big of a draw. Let me say - the future may be bad, but at least it’s not THX1138 bad! Another woman showed up and I thought that was cool - two chicks who dig science fiction, yeah!

The movie started and it quickly became apparent that it was being played from a DVD and someone had left the commentary track on! At first I thought it was similar to the CE3K showing where there was some preamble, but nope. The usher came in and explained the problem and that the movie would be reset. After a few minutes of watching the film again, the other woman left, came back and told me we were in the wrong theatre.

“But my ticket said 11...” I said. Regardless, thinking that perhaps they were showing it in more than one theatre, I followed her out into theatre 12...where I realized that a completely different movie was playing. So I scooted back and finally settled in again to watch the movie. It was sweet - I could be that annoying person with their phone during the movie! Oh, and because it was so botched, the usher gave me a free admission coupon and I didn't have to complain!

We watched THX1138 some time ago and I noticed that there isn't a previous entry for it. It's possible we watched it on our old CRT so it may have been in pan and scan. On the big screen I noticed a ton of details that went by me before. On the other hand, there were some details that I simply noticed because ten years of art college gives you the language to talk about pacing, empty spaces, shadows, etc. etc. One glaring thing I notice was when THX meets the self-described hologram SRT. For a hologram, SRT is pretty tangible. He's hungry and feels emotions. In the world of THX1138, people of colour seem to exist as entertainers. I can't help but think that SRT's lack of self-realization is a slight commentary of the times in which is was produced. And speaking of those times, it still has a futuristic touch that seems rather ageless.

I don't think the future could ever look like THX1138 and it's sad to think that the past had such a morose version of the future. Perhaps in 1971 they just didn't have the understanding, descriptive language or knowledge to paint a brighter picture.


Sep. 15th, 2017 07:56 pm
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End of work week. These are my brief thoughts how I felt during the week while on Topamax:

The Good
  • No more insomnia. Sure there are times I still have trouble falling asleep, but the medication will guarantee I knock-out no later than 1-1:30am.
  • Less serious twitching/tremors.
  • Almost no occurrences of the jaw clenching/tongue biting.
  • Almost no right-side weakness.
  • Emotional health has improved. There are times were I want to freak-out, become very angry/depressed, but didn't.
  • I'm forced to go to bed earlier, which isn't so bad. I wake up more refreshed.

The Bad
  • I have to drink LOTS of WATER! That also means I HAVE TO PEE A LOT. IT'S ANNOYING. 
  • I can't concentrate very well, which doesn't bode well for my job.
  • If I don't take my medication by 7:30pm, the next day I will be one giant lethargic slob.
  • Fatigue sucks.
  • Nausea sucks.
  • Blurry vision. To be fair, I had blurry vision before I was on Topamax.

And now this car issue needs to be resolved. The dealership is dragging its feet. Why would they prioritize my suffering? They have their money, they sold a car. Maybe I need a lawyer.
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I augusti hade jag turen att vinna en utlottning av en roman skriven av en bloggare vars blogginlägg jag följer med stort intresse. Boken heter Transformationen och författaren Magic Frigren. Hon kallas också Miss Magic. Här finns boken att köpa.

Efter att ha varit bortrest och under resan fått en rejäl förkylning, har jag äntligen läst färdigt boken.

Huvudpersonen, Melly, hälsar på hos sina släktingar i en större stad. Hon har just gjort ett avgörande livsval och behöver komma bort och vila sig lite. Men till att börja med fungerar inte planen alls. Man märker att Melly inte mår så bra. Hon plågas av skuldkänslor och tycker att hon har misslyckats i livet. Nästan genast upptäcker hon mystiska tecken som verkar leda henne i en viss riktning och hon hittar helt oväntat en mystisk dagbok. Hon lär känna nya människor och börjar snart också må bättre. Tillsammans ger Melly och hennes nya vänner sig ut på vad man nästan skulle kunna kalla en skattjakt i tid och rum och framför allt Melly börjar dessutom en utforskning av människans och tillvarons inre. Fast man får naturligtvis inte ta ordet skattjakt för bokstavligt. Det är mycket mer spännande än så. :)

Jag måste säga att jag imponeras av den forskning som måste ligga bakom handlingen i boken. Det här är en fascinerande och välskriven bok och man rycks med och vill gärna veta hur det ska gå för Melly. Märkligt nog kan jag känna igen mig lite i en del av Mellys tankegångar, trots att jag inte delar hennes tro.


Sep. 12th, 2017 11:17 pm
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 I'm back on it. I hope it's temporary. The last time I was on anti-seizure meds, full-time was in 1999. At least this time around it's only 25mg, fairly low dose, compared to my peak worse.


Anyways, I'm waaay too tired to write out my feelings on the matter. Think I'll wait until the end of the work week to reflect and express my thoughts about everything.

There Is a Cricket in My Room

Sep. 8th, 2017 05:29 pm
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It just started to chirp. My birds are like WTF?

Nice little distraction from all the craziness in my life and of course the world around me.

Florida is one day out from hurricane Irma's impact. Good luck to whoever foolishly stayed behind.


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